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See How Easy Live CC is to Use


Setup a Siri Shortcut to Start Live CC with a Voice Command

Hearing problems?

Live CC can help. How?

Live CC is a new iPhone app helping the hearing impaired by transcribing live speech to text in real-time.

Live CC is great for people with hearing problems who need help understanding what people are saying in everyday situations.


Let me tell you a day my Aunt Joy—an awesome lady—wrote this on Facebook:
"Question: why can’t anyone come up with an app for your phone for the hearing impaired? Say you’re shopping and the sales associate asks you a question, you point your phone at them and it automatically shows up on your screen like a text, or, when you’re in a social situation, point your phone to the person talking and bam! conversation! Just a thought."
I thought, "Hey, I'm a programmer. I can do that!" So I made Live CC for her.

How do you use Live CC?

Imagine a situation where you need to understand what someone is saying, but it's hard to hear. Like talking to a barista at Starbucks. Or talking to a friend. Or at a meeting.
  • Point your iPhone's built-in or third-party microphone (preferred) towards the person you're listening to.
  • There are two ways to start Live CC. Through a Siri shortcut: "Hey Siri, transcribe." Or the traditional way: tap the app icon and then tap Start Listening.
  • What the person is saying will start displaying in the app.

It's just that simple!

How well does Live CC work?

Live CC is not perfect, but it's usually good enough that you can understand what people are saying.

Here's what Aunt Joy said:

"And, it works!!!!, the Patient Care Coordinator at U.W.M.C., was very impressed!!!. Love you, Todd, for coming up with this & helping your poor Aunt out"

It helps a lot, tried it with my barista this morning & she loved it. Even with the app replacing words, we can still get the gist of the conversation.
You can't imagine how happy that made me feel!

Live CC is Fast

Live CC uses Apple's own speech-to-text service, the same service Siri uses. Speech transcribes fast—as long as there's a decent internet connection. Other apps using other transcription services experience a lot more lag.

Live CC is Free to Use

Unlike other apps that charge a subscription fee, once you buy Live CC there's no extra cost!

Make Live CC Yours

Since Live CC helped my Aunt Joy, Live CC can help you too!

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